Statement by Warren Cromartie on the presentation of Jackie Robinson’s contracts at Montreal City Hall

I unfortunately could not be here with you today to attend these festivities, due to prior commitments. I would like to commend the organizers of this event, Mr.Vaillancourt, Mr.Kontilai, Mr.King, and our representatives from the city of Montreal.
I would also like to express how pleased the Montreal Baseball Project is to know that another piece of the incredible story of Jackie Robinson's ascension to Major League Baseball has been secured, in the form of these authentified contracts.

These contracts are a testament to Montreal's important place in baseball history, and the role the city played as a catalyst to the integration of minorities in Major League Baseball. Montreal's acceptance of Jackie Robinson, at a time when he faced open discrimination everywhere else, is a wonderful story that captures the essence of the city and the rich diversity that defines it today.

This spirit is part of what makes baseball so special to Montrealers and what led to Montreal's own ascension to Major League Baseball in 1969, and the birth of the Expos. They also strengthen the resolve of the Montreal Baseball Project to make Montreal a Major League city again, and build upon the tremendous success we have experienced in the last few years.

The work to secure these contracts and give them their due respect and recognition can not be understated. They mark an important passage not only in baseball's history, but in American history as well. I applaud the efforts of Collectors Café with regards to these historical documents, and thank them for sharing these with Montreal.



Warren Cromartie, Founder and President, Montreal Baseball Project