Montreal Baseball Project today is pleased to announce that its founder and president Warren Cromartie will be working with the History Channel® Japan G.K. (History Japan) as a special correspondent. His work with the network will include documentaries and biographies that span the worlds of professional sports, entertainment, culture and beyond.

This collaboration will also include a YouTube channel called "Cro in Tokyo" that will explore the many facets of the city's unique culture from his point of view.

Cromartie is one of the most celebrated athletes in Japan, having been one of the first American baseball players to have established himself in the country's top-tier Nippon Professional Baseball League. He remains a widely-recognized figure, regularly making appearances on television and in other traditional and digital media.

For Cromartie, this new opportunity adds an exciting dimension to his various endeavors, in particular, his involvement in bringing a Major League Baseball franchise back to Montreal. "The curtain is only starting to lift on Montreal and its potential in the Japanese market. The business and cultural ties between Montreal and Japan continue to move in the right direction, and an important part of what I want to do is bring Montreal to the center stage of this tremendous market. I also hope to see this relationship evolve into part of the experience we are looking to bring with the return of baseball to Montreal."

“We are very excited Warren Cromartie is joining our team in Tokyo. He had an enormously positive impact on Japanese baseball and Japan overall. He was a hero to many during his career with the Yomiuri Giants in Tokyo and remains an inspiration,” said John Flanagan, General Manager of History Japan. “We look forward to inspiring audiences in Japan and globally with the programs and on-line videos we create with Cromartie.”

One of Cromartie's first efforts with the History Channel Japan will be a biography about his life, part of which will be filmed in Montreal during the upcoming pre-season baseball games at the end of March.