Vladimir Guerrero, Hall of Famer!

The Montreal Baseball Project is very pleased by the news of the election of legendary Montreal Expos star Vladimir Guerrero to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"I am happy to see Vladimir Guerrero joining the Baseball Hall of Fame," says Montreal Baseball Project founder and president Warren Cromartie. "His outstanding results in only his second year of eligibility are testament to his electrifying style of play, and to the recognition that he earned throughout his career. To have come from such humble beginnings and earn the greatest individual honor a baseball player can receive is a remarkable story.

"Vladimir's decision to enter the Hall of Fame as an Angel is an understandable one. There are many factors that a player must consider together when given such a choice, which isn't often the case, as we saw with Gary Carter and Andre Dawson. Tim Raines embraced the idea of being inducted as an Expo, as it was the most representative of his career, even though it could result in him missing out on future opportunities.

"Being the first representative of a franchise in Cooperstown is a significant milestone that comes with a unique place in history. Vladimir has the right to make this choice based on what he feels is best for his future and the various ways a team is expected to support him as a Hall of Famer. It is unfortunate that the city where he played the longest and has the most fans does not currently have a team, but I can understand his decision.

"What does not change for any of these players is the many years they spent in Montreal, and the role the organization played in their development and success. Being a product of what was widely recognized as one of the best scouting and development organizations for decades is yet another link to baseball's history that Expos fans can take pride in, as we continue to advance in our objective of bringing Major League Baseball to Montreal."

vlad hof-BRAVO