Thank you, Montreal!

Thank you to all who participated in one way or another in Montreal’s historic baseball weekend.

Everyone who wants to see the return of Major League Baseball to Montreal can take pride in what was achieved. You stepped up to the plate and you delivered. Not only did you seize the moment, you seized the game.

Montreal Baseball Project would also like to thank its generous Gala sponsors. Our Gala for the 1994 Expos was, in one word, magical. It would not have been possible without Plank Design, Broccolini, Bench, Provencher-Roy, Aeroplan, Chambre de Commerce du Montréal Métropolitain, WestJet, TSN 690 Montreal, Air Canada, Big Deal Inc., 98.5 FM, Dollarama, ExposNation, BCF, evenko, Ernst & Young, Corrier Rapide, ReturnMoi, PSAV, Funkins, Ice Jerseys, and Orléans Express.

And to the 1994 Expos, so many of whom were in Montreal to take part, you were, are, and always will be THE BEST.

Montreal Knocks It Out of the Park

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